Having a Blass with modern Asian CUISINE

Wolf Blass began as a humble tin shed in Barossa Valley in 1966 to become one of the world’s most successful and awarded wine brands. With more than 10,000 awards received at national and international wine shows, Wolf Blass continuously strives to produce wines of quality, character and consistency. Taking food and wine pairing up … More Having a Blass with modern Asian CUISINE

Guarding a LEGACY

Imagine having a whisky pairing session in a coffeeshop! Not exactly your idea of fine dining, but essentially that’s what over 50 Glenlivet Guardians did one night. However, this was no ordinary coffeeshop, but one with a 91-year-old legacy that is still going strong, currently being steered by third generation boss, Mervyn Lee. The name … More Guarding a LEGACY